System Accessories

AVT offers a range of off the shelf ruggedised sensors and measurement devices. These devices are not only waterproof to IP67 but are also built withstand the extreme environments. These products have been developed alongside our existing display solutions for either integration or test operations. Custom sensors can be developed for specific tasks and environments.

RF Video Transmitter (7011-VT)
The 7011-VT is a compact analogue RF video transmitter operating on the C Band frequency with L-Band and S-Band options. It can transmit PAL or NTSC video over a short range on RVT frequencies, such as ROVER and Strikehawk. An optional external antenna can be attached via a SMA connector to increase the range. The unit operates off a built in battery with an external input socket for charging. The video can be either transmitted from its built in camera or via an external video input. Compatible with the 7011-VR.

RF Video Receiver (7011-VR)
The 7011-VR is a compact analogue RF video receiver. It can receive video on RVT frequencies. The unit operates off a built in battery with an external input socket for charging. The received video feed can be linked to any display that a BNC connector and is capable of viewing PAL or NTSC format. Compatible with the 7011-VT.

Ruggedised GPS Receiver (AV123)
The AV123 GPS offers high sensitivity and high performance acquisition and tracking, combined with low power consumption, plus assisted GPS and advanced power saving functionalities are also provided. The unit features 2 RF channels and a SAW filtration for better noise immunity. It is housed in a rugged milled aluminium enclosure with mounting points for secure fastening

Ruggedised Inclinometer & Accelerometer (AV121)
The AV121 is a highly accurate digital inclinometer and accelerometer housed in a rugged milled enclosure. With a range of ±1.7g and a relative accuracy of ±0.1 Degrees. These ruggedised dual digital inclinometer and accelerometers are cost-effective, rugged and reliable. Fully compensated, providing high accuracy and linearity over the -40 ºC to +125 ºC temperature range.

System Accessories Products

Product No Description Connections Overview
7011-VT RF Video Transmitter 1 x BNC, 1x DC 2.1mm Socket
7011-VR RF Video Receiver 1 x BNC, 1x DC 2.1mm Socket
AV123 Ruggedised GPS Receiver 1 x Amphenol IP67 Circular, 1 x SMC Coax
AV121 Ruggedised Inclinometer & Accelerometer 1 x Amphenol IP67 Circular

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