Encoder & Decoder Circuit Board Solutions

Advanced Vision Technology can offer a circuit board solution for encoder and decoder applications based on either GigE Vision or Def Stan 0082 streaming protocols.

Decoders pcb's can be integrated into customer specific displays units without having to write any decoder software. Simply interface either directly to the LVDS port of the display or drive out using the DVI interface into the customers HDMI display input.

Our encoders can allow customers to interface to their own camera without needing to implement the complex Gige Vision or Def Stan 0082 streaming protocols

The solutions we offer are based on two of our processing cards.

Encoder Solutions

AV630 - PAL/NTSC or DVI input to Gige Vision or Def Stan 0082
AV650 - HD-SDI input to Gige Vision or Def Stan 0082

Decoder Solutions

AV650 - Gige Vision or Def Stan 0082 decoding to various output standards


Quick implementation of Encoder and decoder functions
Reduced cost
Allows customers to re-brand the solution
Allows modification of GigE Vision XML
Customer can have access to linux system if they want to add functionality
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