GiGE Vision Decoders

Advanced Vision Technology offers a number of GigE Vision decoder solution. From a complete display solution to stand alone decoder units.

Converting from a GigE Vision stream to a DVI output capable of driving a display can be achieved with our VGD range of products. From simple single channel decoding to multi picture in picture are available.

De-interlacing and on screen text information can be added to the output image.

For information on the decoder display solutions see here.


Vehicle video distribution
Autonomous vehicle control
UAV Receiver/Control operation
Remote surveillance control and monitoring

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GigE Vision Decoder Products

Product Name Description Input Format Input Streams Output Streams GiGe Vision Compliant Overview
VGD6000 GiGE Vision to DVI Decoder GigE Vision 1 1
VGD6000-M GiGE Vision Multi PIP to DVI Decoder GiGE Vision 1 1

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