Vivoe Def Stan 00-82 Encoders

Advanced Vision Technology offers a range of rugged Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) solutions. Our encoder products allow HD-SDI, DVI, CVBS or CameraLink inputs from cameras our other sources to be converted into a 00-82 stream and distributed over a 1G ethernet link.

Using our custom fpga streaming engine ultra low latencies are realised. With the image being transfered from the input interface to the ethernet interface without any processor intervention ensures no processor delays. This allows our latency figure to be about 2-3 video lines.

The light weight processor is based on an Arm arcitecture running Linux allowing fast boot-up times and reliable operation.

SNMP MIB implementation allows other aspects of the 0082 system to be controlled over the single ethernet link for a complete system solution.

For information on the encoder display solutions see here.


Vehicle video distribution
Autonomous vehicle control
Simulation streaming using DVI to GigE Vision data
UAV operation
High speed camera distribution
Remote surveillance control and monitoring

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VIVOE & DefStan 0082 Encoder Products

Product Name Description Input Format Input Streams Output Streams Vivoe Compliant Overview
VES6001 SD-SDI / HD-SDI to Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) Encoder SD-SDI / HD-SDI 1 1
VES6002 PAL / NTSC to Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) Encoder PAL / NTSC 2 2
VES6003 CameraLink to Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) Encoder CameraLink 1 1
VES6004 Quad DVI to Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) Encoder DVI / HDMI 4 4
VES6005 Single DVI to Def Stan 00-82 (Vivoe) Encoder DVI / HDMI 1 1

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