Media Solutions

Our range of media display equipment offers high quality systems at a low cost for information and marketing solutions. Our Media+ solutions allow information such as films and graphics to be streamed to any of our AV9000 range displays via a standard Ethernet wired link. This enables a large number of displays to be networked and synchronised. Updating visual information for the displays is achieved by using a central control computer and operator. This is not required with the use of our CloudLink Displays solution which allows displays and media information for a network of displays to be controlled from a remote cloud.  Uploading of advertising sequences/videos can be carried out simply, from any location in the World and without any specialised computer servers or software. This can help to greatly reduce system administration costs.

Our touch enabled displays gives the user a fully interactive experience replaying specific remote controls on a destination screen such as a control room.

The AV9002-24-HM features the FibreLink+ link which ensures the quality of the image is not effected in any long distance applications

All of our Media displays come with front or rear mounting Bezel options and a range of  environmental front screens.

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