Image Processing Systems

AVXB Video Modules

Technology can now process imagery and recognise formats /
information which can be used in data gathering or displayed as part

AV909 - Up-to 16 CVBS inputs over two channels
AV939 - DVI Transceiver
AV949 - Dual Channel Cameralink Receiver
AV969 - HD/SD Multi-format Video decoder
AV979 - HD/SD Multi-format Video encoder

Processing Base Cards

We have developed two ranges of processing systems; single core FPGA and integrated FPGA and DSP solutions.
FPGA Based Processing Solutions

AV600 - Based on Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA
AV610 - Standalone Cameralink processing card based on Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA

FPGA/DSP Based Processing Solutions
AV800 - based on a Spartan 3 FPGA and Davinci DM6467 DSP
AV810 - based on a Spartan 6 FPGA and Davinci DM8168 DSP