Media Encodes & Decoders
Advanced Vision Technology has a wide range of media encoder and decoder soluitions.
These include GiGE, and VIVOE DefStan 0082 products. If you require something specialised please call us for a free consultation.

GiGE Vision Encoders

Our GiGE Vision encoder
solutions offer a vast array
of media conversion from
formats such as HD-SDI,

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VIVOE & DefStan 0082 Encoders

VIVOE Defstan 0082 encoders allow the user to
convert from digital and anlogue video media foramts into VIVOE DefStan 0082 complitant video streams. These systems are off the self and can be easily deployed into a range of enviroments.

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Circuit Board Solutions

When the user requires a
solution that can be customised
or integrated into an exsisiting
product, AVT provides circuit
board level encoder and decoder

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GiGE Vision Decoders

Our custom display solutions
offers a modern LCD screen
with a range of functionality
including VT220/320 emulation,
Softkey touch screen and
Multi-format displays.

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DefStan 0082 Decoders

Our radar displays convertors
allow traditional X/Yware to
interface with a moesolution
LCD screens. Hardpixel
persistence emulatinables
the characteristics r.

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