Display Solutions
Advanced Vision Technology has a wide range of custom display solutions for a variety of applications.
If you require something specialised please call us for a free consultation.

Rugged Displays

Our rugged displays offer a
complete system solution
which has been designed for
industrial and defence
environments. Our latest
vehicle display screens offer
single or multi-screen solutions.

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Media Displays

Media displays and media
distribution technologies allow
the latest and reliable information
distribution to be used whether
in transport vehicles, retail
advertising or entertainment

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Display Obsolescence & Repair
At Advanced Vision Technology
we have the expertise to redesign
obsolete screens, to have the
same form fit and function as the
original. We can also repair old
faulty systems and displays.
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Custom Displays

Our custom display solutions
offers a modern LCD screen
with a range of functionality
including VT220/320 emulation,
Softkey touch screen and
Multi-format displays.

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Radar Displays

Our radar displays and convertors
allow traditional X/Y radar hardware to
interface with a modern high resolution
LCD screens. Hardware pixel
persistence emulation enables
the characteristics of traditional radar.

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